Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain and a Cup of Tea

It is a rainy spring morning here with the air full of mist, fog and moisture, yet just warm enough to be comfortable. While everyday is a beautiful day for a pot of tea; cool, rainy days seem perfectly suited to the warmth and comfort of a great tea. While out for my run this morning, the weather seemed to cry out for a smokey or toasted tea. The smokey aroma and hint of pine in a rich Lapsang Souchong is perfect for just such a day. Peet's sells a wonderful "Scottish Breakfast" blend that adds just the right kick of smoke and pine. A toasty cup of Japanese Genmaicha would also be perfect. Genmaicha is distinctive in its appearance, with bright green leaves mixed with flecks of toasted rice, some of which has popped into miniature "popcorn" white blossoms. This visually stunning tea produces a wonderfully aromatic yet light green beverage. So, next time its cool, raining, or you just want a great cup of tea - find a cosy place to park yourself for while, brew up a pot of fine tea and take just a moment to enjoy one of the great and ancient pleasures. Cheers.

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