Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Fountains Are On - Spring Is Here!

For anyone who has not been to Kansas City, it may seem like a tiny matter, but on this Easter morning while out for my run I saw the first true sign of Spring in Kansas City - the fountains were on. In this city with the highest number of fountains in North America, it is a big deal when the fountains are turned back on after the long cold winter. The city fountains add a deep sense of pride to the community and add a truly beautiful element to this really beautiful city. With the fountains on and yesterdays start of the Farmer's Market - it seems that finally Spring is here!
Happy Easter!

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Lori Cartwright said...

Yes, it IS the true start of spring! Imagine that a few weeks ago the city was talking about NOT having them on this year due to budget issues! I'm not sure how they did it, but am so glad they found the $ somewhere. It would truly be a sad day in KC if they were NOT running. On any given Saturday, there are literally dozens of places in and around the Plaza area where the kids & I would enjoy a picnic lunch with a fountain nearby or at the center of our 'spot'. They are truly cornerstones of many memories they'll have of growing up in KC.