Thursday, May 14, 2009


A complex as life is, my life can really be distilled down to four great passions; 1- time with my wife and kids, 2- art/photography, and two seemingly contradictory passions of 3- food/eating and 4- running. While the first three have managed to seamlessly integrate themselves into each other creating a truly rich and charmed life, my deep love of food and the demands of running seem to be locked in a precarious balance. While most serious runners adhere to a strict diet, I on the other hand live for the next great meal or the next opportunity to create and taste a new dessert, the next Red Velvet cupcake or bowl of homemade ice cream. This balance between eating and running is a constant push and pull of knowing that tonight’s big meal must be compensated for with X number of miles the next morning. A push and pull between my desire for great food and my vanity and need to maintain an athletic and youthful appearance.

While all of this sounds like an eating disorder waiting to happen – I truly enjoy this sense of balance and movement in my life. I am able to watch what I eat and also indulge when the time is right. I am able to be active and enjoy the physicality and effort of running and enjoy the fresh air and green of the city. Yes there are moments when the balance tips too far in one direction or the other (often to the food side), but there is great reassurance in the knowledge that I can once again regain equilibrium quickly and enjoyably. And, as contradictory as they may seem, for me there is a deep connection between the world of food and that of running. Of course there is the obvious factor of needing the fuel that food provides to perform at ones best. But, there is also less obvious connections for me. I cook and eat for many of the same reasons that I run. Both are enjoyable physical activities – I love the actual movement and effort of the creation of food and I so deeply love the physicality of running – pushing up a steep hill or sprinting at the end of a log run. Both food and running play to the senses - the sights, smells, sounds, textures and tastes of the kitchen/dinning room and the outdoors are fascinating. Both shape my body, fill my spirit, and ultimately both define who I am at this moment in my life. While I know that my life is “not for everyone” I truly feel that if more people stopped looking for the magic weight loss pill and embraced the wonderful balance of thoughtful eating and physical activity we would all be a lot healthier and happier. So, yes, I run for food, and I feel fortunate everyday that I get to participate in both exciting and fulfilling worlds.

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