Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Overland Park Farmer's Market

After spending time in the small, laid-back, community vibe of the Brookside Farmer's Market, I was unprepared for the crowds and chaos of the Overland Park Farmer's Market. Located in the center of historic downtown Overland Park (Kansas City, Kansas), the OP Farmer's Market seems to posses both the good and bad in the growing popularity of weekend farmer's markets. The energy of the market was wonderful, the live jazz music was fantastic, my son loved the green apple shaved ice and the market looked to have a large selection of high quality local produce, food vendors and goods. However, it was difficult to really see any of the offerings due to the huge crush of people crammed into the narrow space between the two lines of vendors. While I am thrilled with the popularity of these markets, it is disheartening to go looking for great farmer's market produce and be so frustrated with the crowds and rudeness of a few, that it is easier to just go have lunch and skip the market completely. Given an early start, before the crowds gather, I could see the Overland Park Farmer's Market becoming a favorite and a treasured addition to the Farmer's Market offerings of the region.

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